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While we provide short term charts our emphasis is on the intermediate to long term. It is well known that intermediate to longer term traders who understand the bigger trends in place regularly make more money than most shorter term traders by trading less while being in the market to catch the majority of the up and down trends. This site takes the approach that we want to capture the bulk of market moves and avoid big losses in bear markets utilizing primarily market index ETFs. Also, when we see a excellent opportunity in individual stocks we participate there also.

We utilize weekly charts to make longer term calls on the market. Daily charts help in making our calls also. Most large investment houses completely missed calling the major downtrend in the market during the last bear. Our indicators were able to see the topping action and we were able to protect capital early in the process. Likewise our long term charts were able to recognize the new bull market in its early stages. We utilize sentiment indicators and a host of technical indicators to make these calls.

Live Chart Of Major Markets